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About Us

BISBAS stands as a distinguished landscape, open space, environmental, and urban design Boutique located in Riyadh. Founded in 2018 by a forward-thinking landscape architect, our mission at Bisbas is to craft distinctive and innovative designs that enrich the lives of people while preserving the natural world.


Our Services

Open space & Landscape design

Balancing social, economic and environmental benefits, our designs capture the spirit and culture of each locale, providing a foundation for memorable experiences. Addressing all aspects of a site, our services include:

- Concept Design
- Schematic Design
- Design Development
- Planting Design

- Zoning
- Construction / Tender Documents

Public realm & Urban Design

Intimately involved in the revitalization of cities, our specialized skill set establishes a hierarchy of public spaces that connect people and places, urban form and movement, nature and the built environment. We are focused on achieving commercial vitality and city livability through:

- Consensus Building Efforts
- ⁠Downtown Planning
- ⁠Open Space Design
- ⁠Pedestrian and Green Zone Development
- ⁠Streetscape Improvements
- ⁠Water features
- ⁠Historic / Community Preservation
- ⁠Art work/ Sculptures Design

Irrigation Design

- Irrigated strategy
- ⁠Irrigation design 
- ⁠Irrigation calculations

Landscape Site Supervision

- Material Inspection
- Work Inspection
- Quality control
- Quality assurance

Our Values








Climate Change


Pollution Prevention

Ethics & Compliance

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